What is Aging Life Care™?

An Aging Life Care Professional™ is a specialist who acts as a guide and advocate for families who are caring for older relatives. They have extensive knowledge about the costs, quality, and availability of resources in their communities. The individual's independence is encouraged, while health, safety and security concerns are also addressed.

We offer recommendations and options so that you can make the best choices. These options, answers, and a specific plan reduces worry and stress. It minimizes time off of work for family members. After a productive initial consultation, your family's unique needs and wishes determine our level of involvement.

Senior Options is a proud member of the Aging Life Care Association. For more information, visit www.aginglifecare.org.

Here are specific areas where Senior Options will provide support:

Housing  Evaluating and selecting appropriate level of housing options; assessing home modifications
Home Care Services  Selecting, engaging, and monitoring caregiver and companion services
Dementia/Alzheimer's Education  Coaching for challenging behaviors; instructions on the disease process
Medical Management  Medical decision making; attending doctor appointments; facilitating communication with doctors
Communication   Keeping family members informed of the well-being and changing needs of the client
Long-distance Caregiving Coordinating care of the client for families that live at a distance
Social Activities  Providing opportunities for client to engage in social, recreational, or cultural activities
Legal  Referring to or consulting with an elder law attorney
Fiduciary  Serving clients as their health care representative, Power of Attorney, trustee or executor
Financial  Assessing costs of aging care; reviewing or overseeing bill paying' consulting with accountant or Power of Attorney
Entitlements  Information on federal and state benefits; long-term care insurance claims; connecting clients to local programs
Safety and Security  Monitoring the client at home; recommending technologies; observing risks for exploitation or abuse

Begin with a Professional Consultation

Contact Senior Options for your 1.5 hour private, individualized session, addressing your unique circumstances and needs related to aging issues.

For Families
At this first meeting, there is a thorough review of the currently identified difficulties and challenges. At the end of the session, you will have the resources, recommendations, information, documents, and referrals in order to take next steps. Some examples of topics covered are: medical / legal / financial documents; factors to consider for remaining safely at home; family members unwilling to accept help; memory loss concerns; and housing options in the wider community.

For Businesses
If your business provides goods and services to older adults and their families, it makes sense to add a professional point of view. If you are: considering opening an adult foster care home or other facility; looking at improving or adding to your current offerings; needing guidance on the most current advances in the field; this consultation can help save money, provide a better product and increase revenue.

For Other Professionals
Financial planners, CPAs, attorneys, loan officers, physicians, etc., often provide services to aging clients and their families. They may need help communicating with those who have dementia; approaching family members on how to help their aging parents; and, educating and supporting their aging clients and families. Consulting with an Aging Life Care Professional is an excellent way to make sure all these areas are being addressed appropriately.

For Those 60 Years of Age and Onward
It's never too soon to begin the process of preparing and planning for yourself and your family. Assisting you to navigate the terrain of life changes and providing options for a great life provides a real sense of accomplishment and relief. Some topics addressed are: housing options and the associated costs; legal, financial and medical documents; family conversations and dynamics. Achieve the outcomes you wish by not missing any important steps.